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Houston man declared innocent after prosecutors say his drug case was built on lies by former police officer

A Harris County judge declared Otis Mallet is innocent after he was arrested on a drug delivery charge in 2008 and convicted three years later. Mallet was released from prison in February 2020 after Mallet’s attorney and Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg argued he was arrested based on false information. According to the Houston…
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Houston Area DAs Still Unclear About Legal Hemp

Hemp is a strain of the cannabis plant that has been grown and used for its fiber since before human civilization existed. The plant’s strong fiber can be used to create paper, textiles, clothes, food, and fuel among other things but has only this year been made legal to cultivate and exploit. The Texas legislature…
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When Is an Online Solicitation Sting Entrapment?

The internet offers us a variety of ways to communicate with others. Unfortunately, it has also become a tool used by law enforcement to catch criminals. Online solicitation stings designed by undercover police officers are becoming more common in the state of Texas. Many of these operations result in numerous arrests and convictions such as…
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What to Do If You’re Falsely Accused of Rape

False sexual assault allegations are extremely rare, but they do happen. The rise of the Me Too Movement has empowered many women to face sexual predators. Unfortunately, it’s also led to a surge of sexual assault allegations. It seems many rape accusations are falling into the “court of public opinion,” making it much more difficult….
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Vaping Can Land You with Felony Charges in Texas

The consumption of cannabis has evolved over the last ten years. Many have turned to the use of THC concentrates instead of traditional smoking. These concentrates are created from marijuana by pressing the resin that collects on the plant’s flowers. They can be used in a vaping e-pen, “dabbing,” edibles and more. Vaping marijuana concentrates…
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What Is Private Prosecution in Regards to Shoplifting?

Attorney Matt Horak gave his views on “Private Prosecution”, a loss prevention measure that major retailers are implementing to monitor shoplifting. If a shoplifter is caught in the act, a retailer can have them sign a Civil Demand Letter that says they will not be prosecuted. However, they must agree to compensate that store anywhere from $200-$1000….
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What is Premises Liability Law?

Premises Liability Law governs property owners and businesses to make sure that they keep their premises at their business or property safe for the public. They need to make sure that there’s no obvious danger on the property. They also need to make sure that there’s no previously reported incidents that they haven’t taken care…
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What does Product Liability Cover?

Product liability covers the rules that companies, manufacturers, designers have to follow whenever they decide that they want to put a product out into public space. They have to make sure that it’s designed well, that it’s manufactured with the right products, and that it’s tested so that people don’t get hurt. That can be…
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