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Client Testimonials

Awesome job .. he knows what he is doing and keeps in touch with his clients qe been using him for now over 10 years ... thanks Matt.
Dion Conner Google review by Dion Conner

I met Matt horak when I had the worst nightmare I could ever imagine,I was arrested and charged for family assault, I was in the middle of an immigration process and those charges could affect my case.since the moment I speak to Matt he told me that he would do his best to get those charges dismissed,He is very professional and straightforward,He fought and got it dismissed! I am so happy that I found him.THANK YOU SO MUCH, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM.Now we are working on getting the expunction.Im more than happy that i can continue with my immigration process to get my green card .HE IS THE BEST! Thank you matt,God bless you
Aurora Mercado Google review by Aurora Mercado

Positive experience. Staff responsive, courteous and helpful. Results from attorney Matt Horak were successfully concluded.
Linda Newman Google review by Linda Newman

Im so blessed I found Matts office, this man and his whole law firm went above and beyond for me. From being arrested in vegas till I got to HOUSTON they answered every phone call kept me calm assured me things was gonna be ok! He worked with the prosecutor to get my case from a felony to a misdemeanor no community service and he got someone elses charges dropped that wasnt even god client just on the strength of my word to the other person! Word is bond. Matt understood and never judged me for it. I love his whole law firm and I guaranteed you will not regret it. I cant thank you guys enough when everyone else quit on me they didnt and that shows integrity character and most of all trust and credibility! Where could you find that all in one.. again thank you everyone .. Case closed literallyMolly!
Molly Brady Google review by Molly Brady

My experience with Attorney Matt Horak was excellent. Simply phenomenal from start to finish.He gave my case all the time and attention that was needed to be successful in court. Attorney Horak and staff kept me informed and were responsive and professional throughout the entire process.Attorney Horak worked tirelessly to make sure that the truth was told and presented it perfectly. Though we faced challenges, Attorney Horak did not falter. His thorough research provided the pathway needed to rise to victory. Professional. Efficient. Personable. I would definitely recommend this firm!
RocketsFan245 Google review by RocketsFan245

If they tell you theyll handle your case they will with no problem
Edwin Olivares Google review by Edwin Olivares

I thank Matt for achieving the best possible outcome for my case in a dismissal. It was a very long process, but Matt's persistence was successful in the end. Very grateful for him
junior mercado Google review by junior mercado

After learning I was charged with a really serious crime, I spent months searching around for lawyers and I'm SO GLAD that I chose to go with Matt Horak.Upon learning the details of my situation, Matt jumped right on the case. He handled everything quickly and effectively. In a little over a month, MY CHARGES WERE DROPPED!! I am still so shocked and relieved by this news, and it's all thanks to Mr. Horak's hard work. Now I can get back to my life!Both Matt and his staff are attentive and responsive. They're a great team, I always felt heard by them, and they were always quick to answer any questions I had.A BIG THANK YOU TO MATT AND HIS TEAM!!! It's like a thousand pound weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
Brandi Reeves Google review by Brandi Reeves

Matt and his team Rocks! If you need help let Matt do his thing and he will get the job Done! It was a blessing and enlightening experience when I contacted Matt. I am so glad I did. All my issues were dismissed! If I could hug him I would. Give him a chance and he will be Honest with how he can help you. Thanks Matt and team!
Tiffany L. Hutchinson Google review by Tiffany L. Hutchinson

I cant say enough about this firm downright impressive from start to finish. I submitted my information online and within an hour on a SUNDAY Mr. Horak was already reaching out to me. He called me the next day (Monday) which honestly took me by surprise. Seriously, for the last year Matt, Karina, and Ana have done a phenomenal job and Im very happy. Ive never been in legal trouble before and they made this whole process simple and worry less. They are doing a great job and Im grateful for everyones help. I will be recommending Horak Law to anyone that may need help. It is very reassuring, that if need be, I have a great attorney in my corner. Thank you.
Austin Myers Google review by Austin Myers

Matt and his team of professionals at Horak Law are nothing short of AMAZING! Never in a million years did I think I would actually walk away from not one, not two, but THREE felony charges that were pending against me but Matt somehow pulled it off all 3 charges were dismissed! No pre-trial diversions & no deferred adjudications, simply dismissed! & he was able to do all of this in less than 5 months!! So If you ever find yourself facing some serious criminal charges and arent sure who to trust with your freedom, Im here to tell you that Matt Horak is your man! I pray to God I never find myself in this type of situation again, but if I do, Matt will be my one and only choice for legal representation! Thank you so much Matt, Ana and the rest of the team at Horak Law! I owe you guys my life!!
Brett Atkins Google review by Brett Atkins

They are truly very professional and they are great with communication. They always got back to me quickly and helped me throughout this whole process. I would highly recommend this law office!!!
Bridgette Begin Google review by Bridgette Begin

I've never been in any situation like this, and Horak Law really helped me out! They looked out for me, thanks to a friend's recommendation I trust Horak Law and I'm glad I did!
Chris Romo Google review by Chris Romo

Its hard to even put into words how appreciative and grateful I am for Matt Horak. My whole family owes him a real debt of gratitude for what he did for us. He gave me a second chance at life, no exaggeration. Ive debated writing the whole story out for anyone reading these reviews, mainly so they could see how much the odds were stacked against me, and so you can truly appreciate how amazing it was that Matt and his team got my case dismissed. It was a long process for me because of those bad odds, but Matt stuck with me all the way and kept fighting for me, no matter what happened. You could argue that Matt is the definition of cool, calm, and collected, which I discovered is exactly what you want in these kinds of legal situations. On top of all that, and most importantly, hes an amazing attorney and he knows what hes doing. From someone who kind of went to hell and back, all I can say is that if you hire Matt and his team, you wont regret it, ever. On a personal note, after my dismissal I was able to rebuild my life and Im so incredibly happy and fortunate now. From facing real prison time to free and prosperous has been quite the journey. Thank you Matt and Corrina, sincerely.
Rob H Google review by Rob H

I am an African American male facing an unlawful carry case. Attorney was so good that I did not even have to go to court. It was completely dismissed. Don't trust your case/life to amateurs. Hopefully I dont have to use him ever again. True professional.
Ebenezer Eboh Google review by Ebenezer Eboh

Matt and his team are some of the best professionals in the legal industry. Matt goes above and beyond for his clients and he truly cares about you having a great outcome. I highly recommend Horak Law!!
DawnandJason Gillespie Google review by DawnandJason Gillespie

They got me early terminated
Michael Hunt Google review by Michael Hunt

My experience of the service provided by Horak Law has been outstanding. I engaged them to deal with a legal matter which was causing our family great concern. I found them to be excellent in both guiding us through the labyrinthine workings of the Law as it related to our case and equally important, realizing that there is a powerful element of fear and apprehension for lay individuals when they become involved with the Law (no matter in whatever context it may have arisen. ) The knowledge and experience they brought to the pursuit of our case was a major factor in my satisfaction and gave me confidence that we were in the best possible hands. At each step , their staff kept us informed and provided clear, cogent and honest advice. At all times, we were treated with respect and sensitivity which is so important when involved in what is inevitably, an emotional and bruising episode of ones life. I would recommend Horak Law without reservation to anyone desirous of a high quality legal service. Mir Alan ali . Farhan Ejaz . Thank you from bottom our Heart . God Bless you all
najaf ali Google review by najaf ali

Matt and his team are very attentive, guide you through the process and there to assist you and fight for your case. I highly recommend his services and Corrina is very sweet, fast response on emails and always there to assist with any questions you may have.
Nicole Doss Google review by Nicole Doss

Matt solved a major crisis for my family. He was quick to respond and take some serious stress off of me. It was a felony charge that I faced. He worked hard and had the case dismissed. He'll be our go-to Attorney if we ever need one. Thank you Matt!
Gary Brogdon Google review by Gary Brogdon

Well I had to hire Matt for a 2nd time for another Dwi , originally may had beat my first charge several years back Dwi, unlawful carry . so yea naturally I went back to him for this DWI charge and after a year of back and forth with the DA office Matt has successfully done it again and beat a 2nd Dwi for me honestly giving me another chance at having a clean record for a completely dumb mistake on my end ,I literally refer everyone with legal issues I know to Matt and will continue to he has been a saving grace and recommend him to anyone trying to keep there freedom and record intact
Dillon Conner Google review by Dillon Conner

Matt Horak is a wonderful attorney who works hard to get you the best outcome possible. They facilitate everything very smoothly, and leave you with a reassured feeling that you're in great hands. I couldn't be happier! If you're freedom or well being is on the line, don't hesitate to give this office a call!!
Somatic Google review by Somatic

Could not have asked for better!!
Cory M. Google review by Cory M.

Matt and his team worked very hard to represent me and thanks to them I get to move on with my life. The moment I met Matt I felt he was the person I wanted for help, he immediately put me at ease after he reviewed the documents I brought him and explained my situation. Matt is practical and knowledgeable, his experience really came through, allowing me to the page with a clean slate. I would recommend Matt anytime.
Patrick W Google review by Patrick W

Matt is a very straight forward and intelligent man. He explained how the whole process works and answered all of my questions. The case took about 6 months, but it ended with a dismissal.
Alex Lopez Google review by Alex Lopez

Matt Horak was a Godsend to me. He very calmly and professionally handled my case (keeping me calm) and got it dismissed before my Court date. I definitely recommend Matt and his firm.
Lyda Akin Google review by Lyda Akin

Great guy. My Case was dismissed.
Eric Hernandez Google review by Eric Hernandez

Matt was very professional, knowledgeable and calm in guiding us through the legal system. We felt that we were in very capable hands and had the best lawyer for our situation. We will always be grateful for his expertise.
Sue Vita Google review by Sue Vita

Montgomery county is tough. If youve been charged with anything there, you already know. Matt was methodical throughout the process. Im beyond grateful, and still crying tears of joy as a write this... case dismissed. He delivered. That is all that matters! Thank You, Matt. My family and I are forever grateful.
Joshua Belland Google review by Joshua Belland

Matt Horak is a very knowledgeable criminal attorney! Matt provided professional and attentive legal assistance during my husbands sex offense case. He is very knowledgeable in this field of work. We always had direct communication with him, and he kept us well informed about the case and actions to take that was in our best interest. My husbands case was complex due to his pending immigration status, but Matt did a great job and got the case DISMISSED! Even though Immigration law is not in his scope of work he quickly connected us with the right individuals to assist us. Getting this case dismissed was the only option to continue his path to citizenship. This was the toughest time for my family, and I can honestly say that Matt was understanding and compassionate. I highly recommend him to handle your case especially if you are facing a sex offense case.
Tomasa R. Google review by Tomasa R.

Matt Horak is awesome. He thinks outside of the box and comes up with tactful and creative solutions to problems. He's very professional and I highly recommend securing his legal services if you are looking for a Houston lawyer to represent you.
Toby Vyvjala Google review by Toby Vyvjala

I recently hired Matt Horak to represent me reference an improper criminal arrest. Mr. Horak was professional and confident from the initial consultation through the entire process. He never questioned my claim of innocence and was prepared to go to trial. Mr. Horak was able to have my case dismissed without going to trial. When he notified me, that feeling was "spectacular!" I would hire Mr. Horak for any future needs and in fact have already requested his assistance on a future matter. Knowledge, experience and a friendly staff are priceless. If you need an attorney, call Matt Horak. I'm sure glad I did.
david ferguson Google review by david ferguson

Matt has given me my life back. He was professional from the start. He was quick and thorough through the entire process. I could tell he truly cared about my case. I can not express how grateful I am to have chosen him to represent me. I hope to never need him again, but if I should I he would be the first person I call.
Kimberly Gaulitz Google review by Kimberly Gaulitz

He has been really helpful when he sealed my records back from 2003, when I was 17. I recommend every1 that I know of 2 go 2 him.
Jeanette Ramirez Google review by Jeanette Ramirez

What can I say about Matt? I hired him because like me he was the smartest guy in the room. Takes one to know one. He was sharp and on point. Our case took for ever. 18 months. I ended up taking a ple deal but Matt cut the time I would have done in half. He saved my family in the long run. I would hire him again in a heart beat. Thanks matt from the bottom of my heart.
Keith Horn Jr. Google review by Keith Horn Jr.

Matt was very straight forward from the very start. He explained the entire process and managed my expectations on how the case would go. His team communicated and kept me up to date every step of the way. He is the most strategic, intelligent lawyer I have ever worked with. Everything went exactly as outlined, there is not another counselor I would rather trust my fate with. He superseded all expectations and I would immediately hire him again. I am supremely confident in my highest recommendation for Horak Law services.
Tyson Grona Google review by Tyson Grona

Matt was very straight forward from the very start. He explained the entire process and managed my expectations on how the case would go. His team communicated and kept me up to date every step of the way. He is the most strategic, intelligent lawyer I have ever worked with. Everything went exactly as outlined, there is not another counselor I would rather trust my fate with. He superseded all expectations and I would immediately hire him again. I am supremely confident in my highest recommendation for Horak Law services.
Tyson Google review by Tyson

Haven't actually been representing yet but went for my consultation and I'm relieved to have mr. Horak on my side! Update after court proceedings... Wonderful staff beautiful facility
Katie Nice Google review by Katie Nice

He worked hard to get my case of aggravated assault dismissed....of no fault of his the DAs took forever just to review my case after transferring to other DAs several times....Matt finally got er' done and I am soo very happy that is dismissed and over with!!!!!!!!
wade knutson Google review by wade knutson

Matt was a fabulous person to work with and there was a strong trust in him defending my situation. The communication with me was beyond expectations and he was always on time or available. He treated me as a person and not just a client and kept me calm and and was fantastic to my wife. His courtroom presence was impressive to say the least. I hope I never need representation again but, if so, I will seek Matt out and always refer him to others if needed. He is an outstanding attorney and person.
AB Spring Google review by AB Spring

Matt Horak is very reliable and excellent attorney. I was very lucky to find him. I found him simply by using Google search, read reviews, and just called him. The case is extremely sensitive, and bad outcome could literally destroy my family's life forever. He took the case and gave me a piece of mind. It was very easy to schedule an appointment with him. He is very pleasant person which makes it easy to communicate with him. He is highly knowledgeable and professional. His staff is also very professional. Mr. Horak took care of the case, and the result is case dismissal, which is exactly what I wanted. I would highly recommend Matt Horak as the best attorney to everybody who is in trouble with the law . Thank you very much, Mr. Horak!
Lica Cat Google review by Lica Cat

I was charged with felony prescription fraud, and my career/education could've been ruined. I did lots of research, and interviewed several lawyers before finally finding Mr. Matt Horak. After listening to the aggressive plan that he proposed, I was convinced that he was best suited to handle my case. Because of his expertise, passion, and relentless hard work, the grand jury dismissed the charge, and I was able to continue my career. I wouldn't hesitate to seek his counsel again or to recommend him to a friend or family member.
Andres Ferdinand Google review by Andres Ferdinand

I had an excellent experience from start to finish with Matt Horak. He kept me well informed about my case at all times. He reviewed all of my options with me and he took time to answer all of my questions. I really appreciated that Matt kept things as discreet as possible because my career was on the line. He was able to ease all of my fears and he successfully fought to have my case dismissed. I trusted him completely and could not have been more pleased with the results. I highly recommend Matt Horak.
celiza foley Google review by celiza foley

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