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What Is Private Prosecution in Regards to Shoplifting?

Attorney Matt Horak gave his views on “Private Prosecution”, a loss prevention measure that major retailers are implementing to monitor shoplifting. If a shoplifter is caught in the act, a retailer can have them sign a Civil Demand Letter that says they will not be prosecuted. However, they must agree to compensate that store anywhere from $200-$1000. Many shoplifting crimes are under or near $200. So then one must ask, are major retailers making a profit off of shoplifters, if they are required to pay more than the stolen amount? Attorney Horak stated that “shoplifters are just another revenue stream for the retailers”.

Just because some retail stores offer a Civil Demand Letter to sign does not mean it is right to shoplift. In some stores, it is their policy for the police to be contacted immediately once a shoplifter is caught in the act. It is then when it is imperative that one contacts a competent attorney. Know your legal options in regards to shoplifting crimes under Texas Law. Horak Law can give you the professional legal representation needed in these serious situations.

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