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Early Termination of Probation

Houston Early Termination of Probation Attorney

When it comes to dealing with legal issues, there is no sense in taking longer than necessary to satisfy your requirements. If you have the opportunity to shorten your sentence or find options to reduce the burden of a conviction, it would be smart to do so.

For individuals who are on probation, although highly preferable to jail, the process is quite grueling. It has the potential to complicate your life in various ways, not the least of which is the difficult scheduling obligations that will make accomplishing the truly important tasks in your life much harder. Even so, probation is a vote of confidence by the justice system that you are responsible enough to be released into society. With this being the case, judges are also willing to consider an early termination of probation if you have gone through the process in the proper manner. This should be your primary goal while on probation.

With the help and counsel of a qualified Houston criminal defense attorney, you can be confident that you are taking every precaution necessary to satisfy your probation requirements while also knowing that you are going through the early termination process in a most effective way.

Houston Early Termination of Probation Attorney

Going through your probation term without any major issues proves that the judge was correct in placing you in this position of responsibility. This, in turn, will be another reason to help you terminate the process early so that you can move on with your life.

Although it may seem like it should be easy to request early termination, it is a somewhat complicated procedure that is best left to a legal professional. Just like the process of sealing your criminal records, a great deal of documentation and work hours are necessary to produce a strong argument in favor of an early termination.

Matt Horak is well versed in exactly what needs to be done during this key stage in the criminal process and will use his experience and legal knowledge to make certain you are well taken care of. Detail oriented and proactive, Matt will take care of every aspect of your case while providing and transparent legal advice, keeping you informed on the progress of your request.

There is nothing more worrisome than the unknown, and Matt Horak is committed to communicating in a straightforward manner with his clients, allowing them to gain peace of mind knowing that they are being represented by an attorney bound by the values of honesty and integrity.

This client-first stance on representation has allowed Matt Horak to help many individuals and families throughout Southeastern Texas. This includes residents near his two office locations, in both Houston and The Woodlands, in addition to the cities of Katy, Conroe, Baytown, Sugarland, Alief, Liberty, Pasadena, Spring, and Humble, among many others.

To schedule a consultation to go over the details of your probation and to see if you qualify for early termination, please call (713) 225-8000 or send an online message today. Time is of the essence in a case like this, so Matt Horak will use the firm’s ability to offer a quick response to its clients so that he can get started on the procedure as soon as possible.

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Early Termination of Probation Process

The first step in filing for early termination of probation is to see if you are in fact eligible to do so. This can be accomplished by either asking an attorney or checking to see if the offense you were convicted of is one in which probation is available. To be specific, any offense listed in the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Sections 49.04 through 49.08 is not eligible for probation. This includes all sex offender convictions and 3g offenses. The basic requirement for individuals on probation is to have completed at least 33 percent or two years of your scheduled probation, whichever comes first (§42.12).

After figuring out if your offense allows for early termination, it is important to consult with an attorney. Since probation requires the go-ahead by multiple parties, an attorney will be able to organize your filing and make sure that the relevant parties are aware of the proceeding. This is where the personal relationship between those in the court system and the lawyer representing you becomes important. Matt Horak knows many of the individuals that decide on these matters, which helps when considering the approach you need to take in order to give you the best opportunity for termination.

With a strong understanding of what you need to do after speaking with an attorney, it is vital that you do everything necessary to fulfill the requirements you have with your probation officer. A straightforward, objective discussion with the PO will help you gain a better understanding of what steps need to be taken by both you and the probation officer. Although you should never be in an antagonistic relationship with your probation officer, sometimes this can be the case. If so, you must try and fix and issues that you may have. A  probation officer is paramount to getting off probation early, so you need to be on the same page. If you want off early, it is your responsibility to be proactive during this step.

After discussing your case with both your attorney and probation officers you will then file a motion for early termination. This filing will be taken care of by your attorney, who will produce the documentation necessary to satisfy the motion requirements. This includes adding a notice of motion, a memorandum of points and authorities, a declaration and a proposed order. This motion is to be filed with the court clerk, who will then assign a hearing date.

The hearing date must be attended by you and your attorney and is undertaken in order for the judge to determine whether to grant your motion for early termination or not. The judge will take many factors into account, including your probation officer’s opinion, the prosecution’s opinion, recommendations for termination, your performance during probation and how long you have been on probation, just to name a few.

The final step in the process is to prepare an order for the judge’s signature that sets out his ruling granting your motion for early termination of probation. This can be easily done by an attorney and is basically a document that only requires the judge to sign off on your request. This streamlines the process and allows for a quick resolution.

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Horak Law | Harris County Early Termination of Probation Lawyer

If you or a loved one is currently on probation for a criminal conviction in Southeast Texas, Matt Horak can help you take the steps to request for an early termination. Considering that you have more than enough on your plate when it comes to fulfilling your legal requirements, having a resource to help you through this complicated and fragile procedure is extremely important.

Focused on protecting your rights and making certain that you are treated in a fair and objective manner, Matt will stand at your side and take control of your case from the very start. His aggressive and comprehensive representation will ensure that the process is undertaken in the correct manner while also actively producing favorable results.

With a broad knowledge regarding courtroom procedure, along with a keen eye for detail, Matt can efficiently move you through this process without the worry that he will fail to take into account the important aspects of the case. As your legal counsel, Matt Horak is fully committed to protecting your name and freedom and will be your biggest advocate during a time in your life when it seems like it is you against the world.

Call (713) 225-8000 or send an online message to discuss the possibility of early termination. During this confidential consultation with Matt, you will be able to look at your case and see if you are eligible to begin the process of filing for early termination of probation. The firm’s representation extends throughout Southeastern Texas, including Harris County, Montgomery County, Fort Bend County, Waller County, Liberty County, Brazoria County.

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