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Family Law and Criminal Defense

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Our family law practice offers experienced representation in divorce, child custody and support. We are by your side to help you through every family law challenge.

Specializing in criminal defense, we handle charges from misdemeanors to serious felonies, committed to safeguarding your rights and future.

When facing a DWI, we provide expert representation to challenge your charges and protect your rights, your driving privileges and future.

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Family Law Attorney

Family law matters such as divorce, child custody, and visitation rights can be contentious and stressful. You may be concerned about being able to see your children or worried about how the court will divide your property. Since family-related legal proceedings entail a significant amount of emotion, an experienced family law attorney is essential in navigating the process.

Without a skilled family law attorney, you could be at a significant disadvantage. The other party will most likely retain the legal counsel of a professional who will help guide them through one of the most challenging periods of their lives.

When facing a frustrating event such as a divorce or paternity issue, it is important to secure assistance from a lawyer who has years of experience in family law.

At Horak Law, attorney Matthew Horak understands the emotional and psychological impacts divorce and custody matters can have on a family. He has years of experience dealing with all kinds of family law matters and can assist you no matter what kind of issue you are facing. Attorney Horak believes in respect, compassion, and utilizing his strong advocacy skills to protect your best interests. He is prepared to offer the knowledge and creativity necessary to address your unique needs.

Horak Law represents clients throughout the State of Texas for all types of family law matters including:

Criminal Defense Attorney

After an arrest, an experienced attorney can contact the prosecutor’s office before they make a filing decision. Whether you were wrongly accused of a crime or the prosecutor lacks sufficient evidence to support a conviction, having the backing of a skilled lawyer can make all the difference. An attorney knows what defenses work well with juries and judges as well as what it takes to get a prosecutor to drop the charges that have been filed.

Our goal is to get your charges dropped or reduced. Using expert witnesses and private investigators during pre-trial negotiations or at trial can often help tip the scales in your favor against a determined prosecutor. Based on the circumstances of your case, a criminal defense attorney may find any number of problems with the prosecution’s case, including evidence that should be excluded or suppressed. When there is insufficient evidence to support the charge, your criminal defense attorney can fight to have the charges dropped completely.

Securing an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Houston or The Woodlands can help you in this stressful time. Attorney Matt Horak is dedicated to representing clients charged with criminal offenses—including driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges, marijuana crimes, and traffic offenses—throughout the greater Houston area, serving areas such as The Woodlands, Humble, Conroe, Spring, Tomball, Baytown, Pasadena, Cypress, Katy, Sugar Land, Pearland, Galveston, and Missouri City.

Attorney Matthew Horak founder of horak Law

My Philosophy:

“I advocate fiercely for my clients’ rights with integrity, empathy and unwavering dedication.”

Family Law Attorney

Attorney Matt Horak and his Family Law Legal Team are Highly Rated for Exceptional Customer Service and Legal Work.

Family law in Texas involves complex, personal matters like divorce, child custody, support, adoption, and property division. Our experienced attorneys provide compassionate, comprehensive legal support, guiding you through each step. Understanding Texas’s specific laws, such as community property rules, we offer expert advocacy tailored to your unique situation. We also provide mediation and collaborative law options to resolve disputes amicably. Committed to a client-centered approach, we ensure open communication and practical solutions. Trust our dedicated team to protect your family’s well-being and secure favorable outcomes. Contact us to discuss your family law needs and how we can help.

Attorney Matt Horak is Board Certified as a Specialist in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 2014.

Requirements for certification:

  • Have practiced a minimum number of years;
  • Devoted a minimum percentage of their practice to criminal law;
  • Have handled a minimum of a specified number of criminal law matters and trials;
  • Received a specified number of hours of continuing legal education per year;
  • Be evaluated by peers including other attorneys and judges, and
  • Pass a rigorous written examination.

To retain board certification, the attorney must request and receive re-certification every five years.


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My Practice Areas


Divorce cases typically involve the equitable division of marital property, child custody arrangements, and spousal support determinations.

Child Custody

Child custody cases focus on determining the best interests of the child regarding living arrangements, visitation rights, and decision-making responsibilities.

Custody Modifications

Modifications involve altering existing custody arrangements due to significant changes in circumstances affecting the child's best interests.

Premarital Agreements

Premarital agreements establish the division of assets and financial responsibilities if the marriage ends, providing clarity and protection for both parties.

Protective Orders

Protective orders offer legal protection for individuals facing domestic violence or abuse, ensuring their safety through court-enforced restrictions.

DWI Defense

DWI defense cases involve representing individuals charged with driving while intoxicated, aiming to mitigate penalties or dismiss charges through legal strategies.

Felony Offenses

Felony offense cases require defending clients against severe charges that can result in significant prison time, fines, and long-term consequences.

Arrest Warrants

Arrest warrant cases involve challenging the validity and execution of warrants to protect clients' rights and seek potential dismissal of charges.

Weapon Charges

Weapon charges involve defending clients accused of illegal possession, use, or distribution of firearms or other weapons, often requiring nuanced legal strategies.

Drug Charges

Drug charges involve defending clients accused of possessing, distributing, or manufacturing controlled substances, aiming to reduce penalties or secure acquittals.

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