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Texas Board of Legal Specialization | Criminal Law
Attorney Matthew Horak is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He first earned certification as a specialist in 2014.
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    DWI – Breath Test
    Montgomery 2020
    Believe this, even if you have not had too much to drink and you provide a breath sample UNDER the legal limit, in Montgomery County, you will still be arrested. This officer essentially followed my client from a sports bar. She told the officer that she had a beer. He still took her to the station. She blew a .06. The state filed charges on her. It took a little while, but we got it dismissed.
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    Aggravated Sexual Assault
    Harris County 2021
    Our client's ex-wife coached his own daughter to make false allegations against him. She also tried to coach his other daughter to do the same, but it was quite obvious that these were false allegations. Despite repeatedly trying to convince the prosecution that he was an innocent man, they would not give in. We investigated every hidden corner of the evidence and thousands of pages of records to show the jury that he was innocent. The jury agreed with our side and found him not guilty in less than an hour.
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    Horak Law has successfully defended thousands of criminal cases since our founding in 2006. Use the links below to
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    Choosing a law firm to defend you or a loved one in a criminal case might be the most important decision you ever make.
    There are a ton of criminal defense firms out there. Learn what makes Horak Law different.

    Choosing a law firm to defend you or a loved one in a criminal case might be the most important decision you ever make. Learn why Horak Law is your best choice.


    Board Certified and Re-certified.

    Lawyers who are Board Certified must go through a rigorous vetting experience. Board Certification requires recommendations from judges as well as prosecutors that the lawyer tried against in the past. In addition to years of experience, dedication to the field of criminal law, Matthew P. Horak has passed this rigorous test that is more difficult than even the Bar exam.


    Two Decades of Experience

    Matt Horak has spent two decades building a reputation for his trial skills and fearless court demeanor. Every county, courtroom, and prosecutor have different methods and protocols for handling their cases. After 17 years, the team at Horak Law has seen all of them. Every day of the week, Matt Horak is working and studying in a South Texas courtroom. Knowing these strategies and tactics from different judges and prosecutors, the team at Horak Law knows how to protect you and develop the right strategies for success.


    Criminal Defense and Family Law

    Matthew Horak and his team are specialized at what we do. We stay on top of the latest changes in criminal law to ensure our legal knowledge is top notch. Mr. Horak has spent hundreds of hours in training even after achieving his Board Certification, so he can continue to create effective and efficient defenses for his clients. In addition, Attorney Horak attends trainings several times a year to collaborate with experts and other specialized attorneys.

    • Not Guilty
      Charge: Assault Family Violence
      Result: Not Guilty
      Date: 2016
      Case: State v. A.B.
      County: Harris
      Details: After repeated efforts by the alleged victim requesting that charges be dropped and admitting to the prosecutor that she had taken pills and 3 vodkas, the state still moved forward with trial. If that was not enough, we discovered in the middle of trial that the officer had a recording of the entire investigation that was never turned over to us. The recording did not support the prosecution. Client happily went home a free man.
    • Dismissed
      Charge: Indecent Exposure
      Result: Dismissed
      Date: 2020
      Case: State v. S.L.
      County: Harris
      Details: Undercover sting operation that wrongfully arrested my client presuming that he was doing something wrong at a local park. The officers did not properly preserve their evidence in order to show what they alleged my client had done.
    • Dismissed
      Charge: Driving While Intoxicated
      Result: Dismissed
      Date: 2019
      Case: State v. T.V.
      County: Montgomery
      Details: Our client tested under the legal limit for alcohol; so the state sent the blood sample to a different lab for drug testing. The state repeatedly requested more time for drug analysis. After the third request for more time, I objected to any more time. The judge agreed with me and the state had to dismiss their case.
    • Dismissed
      Charge: Online Solicitation of a Minor
      Result: Dismissed
      Date: 2017
      Case: State v. H.P.
      County: Montgomery
      Details: Officers conducting an online sting deliberately changed their "age" after the defendant revealed he was legally of age to contact them. Luckily, we had a reasonable prosecutor willing to listen to our side of this case.
    • Dismissed
      Charge: Possession of a controlled substance
      Result: Dismissed
      Date: 2012
      Case: State v. D.P.
      County: Harris
      Details: Defendant was in the wrong place at the wrong time. After we did our investigation, we realized that the officer was wrong in his report and the security guard who detained my client and his friend had not in fact seen my client in possession of drugs.


    Horak Law has successfully defended thousands of cases over the past two decades.
    Read more about some of our notable victories.

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    • The facts and circumstances of your case are different from the facts and circumstaces of the cases discussed here.
    • Not all results are provided.
    • The case results discussed here are not necessarily representative of the results obtained in all cases.
    • Each case is different and must be evaluated and handled on its own merit.


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    Attorney Matt Horak is Board Certified as a Specilist in Criminal Law by the
    Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 2014.

    Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Matthew Patrick Horak - Board Certified in Criminal Law. Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Matthew Patrick Horak - Board Certified in Criminal Law.

    Requirements for certification:

    • have practiced a minimum number of years;
    • devote a minimum percentage of their practice to criminal law;
    • have handled a minimum of a specified number of criminal law matters and trials;
    • receive a specified number of hours of continuing legal education per year;
    • be evaluated by peers including other attorneys and judges, and
    • pass a rigorous written examination.

    To retain board certification, the attorney must request and
    receive re-certification every five years.

    • Texas Board of Legal Specialization | Criminal Law
    • National College for DUI Defense
    • National Association of Criminal Defense Laywers
    • Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association
    • Better Business Bureau - A+ rating
    • Matt Horak has earned recognition for community leadership by Lawyer Legion


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    If the prosecutor doesn’t think your lawyer will fight, you’re wasting your money. If you need an attorney who will fight to protect you, call Horak Law today.

    As soon as you’ve been arrested, your charge is public record. Anyone can find it; even if you haven’t been convicted. You’re going to be digging yourself out of a difficult and terrible hole right from the beginning.

    There is absolutely no one on your side in the criminal justice system EXCEPT your lawyer.

    The cops, the prosecutors, district attorneys, judges, probation officers, you name it, they DON’T CARE about your family, your job, or your future.

    For 17 years, Matt has dealt with every type of prosecutor and judge that you can imagine, he knows how to protect you. Over and over again, he has found a ways to help people, to expose the truth, and to make things right.

    We win at trial and we get case after case dismissed because we put in the effort.

    Most criminal defense lawyers in Houston are NOT board certified in criminal law. There’s a major difference between a lawyer who is simply licensed to practice law by The State Bar of Texas vs. a lawyer who is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. If your freedom and reputation are on the line, hiring a certified specialist could be the most important decision you ever make. Learn more about why board certification matters.

    Being charged with a criminal offense can be one of the most stressful and frightening experiences someone will ever face. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney can greatly reduce the emotional, financial, and legal difficulties that can follow a criminal accusation for years to come. Matt Horak has devoted his career to representing individuals charged with misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses throughout the greater Houston area.

    Call Horak Law if you have been arrested for any kind of criminal offense in Southeast Texas, including Houston, The Woodlands, Sugar Land, or surrounding areas of Harris County, Montgomery County, Fort Bend County, Brazoria County, Galveston County, Liberty County, or Waller County.

    Don’t face the judge and prosecutor alone. Matt Horak fights for his clients by pursuing pre-trial motions to exclude testimony, suppress evidence, or dismiss the criminal charges. Call to find out more about how your criminal defense lawyer can fight to protect you and your good name.

    This website was created to provide general information about many specific criminal offenses and possible defenses under Texas law. No substitute exists for speaking directly with an attorney about the specific facts of your case. You can call attorney Matt Horak at (713) 225-8000 or you can fill out an online case evaluation form to schedule a case evaluation.

    Avoid the Consequences — Both Direct and Indirect

    A criminal accusation may affect you far beyond the punishment that the court will announce. Many indirect consequences occur after the conviction that can last for a lifetime.

    A criminal conviction can be a career ending event for professions that require special certification such as law enforcement officers, doctors, nurses, school teachers in private or public institutions, pilots, or members of the military. These individuals may be unable to continue in their chosen fields even if their criminal cases are resolved without a conviction.

    Being accused of serious offenses relating to drug crimes, violent crimes, or other felony offenses can have considerable implications on your future career and educational opportunities. Even high school and college students can face challenges with their educational opportunities for years to come following a criminal investigation.

    Don’t let this happen to you. A Houston criminal defense lawyer can help you navigate the Texas legal system as you fight to obtain the best possible result in your criminal case. Matt Horak takes a full-service approach to helping his clients deal with the indirect consequences of the criminal case. When eligible, he advises his clients on their rights to seal or expunge the criminal record to avoid many of the indirect consequences of an official criminal investigation.

    Dedicated Criminal Defense for Your Best Interests

    After an arrest, an experienced attorney can contact the prosecutor’s office before they make a filing decision. Whether you were wrongly accused of a crime or the prosecutor lacks sufficient evidence to support a conviction, having the backing of a skilled lawyer can make all the difference. An attorney knows what defenses work well with juries and judges as well as what it takes to get a prosecutor to drop the charges that have been filed.

    Our goal is to get your charges dropped or reduced. Using expert witnesses and private investigators during pre-trial negotiations or at trial can often help tip the scales in your favor against a determined prosecutor. Based on the circumstances of your case, a criminal defense attorney may find any number of problems with the prosecution’s case, including evidence that should be excluded or suppressed. When there is insufficient evidence to support the charge, your criminal defense attorney can fight to have the charges dropped completely.

    Securing an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Houston or The Woodlands can help you in this stressful time. Attorney Matt Horak is dedicated to representing clients charged with criminal offenses—including driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges, marijuana crimes, and traffic offenses—throughout the greater Houston area, serving areas such as The Woodlands, Humble, Conroe, Spring, Tomball, Baytown, Pasadena, Cypress, Katy, Sugar Land, Pearland, Galveston, and Missouri City.

    Family Law

    Family law matters such as divorce, child custody, and visitation rights can be contentious and stressful. You may be concerned about being able to see your children or worried about how the court will divide your property. Since family-related legal proceedings entail a significant amount of emotion, an experienced family law attorney is essential in navigating the process.

    Without a skilled family law attorney, you could be at a significant disadvantage. The other party will most likely retain the legal counsel of a professional who will help guide them through one of the most challenging periods of their lives.

    When facing a frustrating event such as a divorce or paternity issue, it is important to secure assistance from a lawyer who has years of experience in family law.

    At Horak Law, attorney Matthew Horak understands the emotional and psychological impacts divorce and custody matters can have on a family. He has years of experience dealing with all kinds of family law matters and can assist you no matter what kind of issue you are facing. Attorney Horak believes in respect, compassion, and utilizing his strong advocacy skills to protect your best interests. He is prepared to offer the knowledge and creativity necessary to address your unique needs.

    Horak Law represents clients throughout the State of Texas for all types of family law matters including: