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What to do after an auto accident

After an auto accident, if you’re hurt you should definitely go seek medical treatment. After that’s resolved, you should probably contact an attorney or have a family member contact an attorney as soon as possible. Because the 24 to 48 hour period after the accident, that’s the window of opportunity. And that’s the most critical…
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What is online solicitation of a minor?

We have a lot of cases that are “online solicitation of a minor.” These involve local police agencies that get together and put fake advertisements in local media. This includes online, in the Houston back page, it can be in Craigslist or social media applications. They set up a profile where they are over 18…
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How Does the New Open Carry Law in Texas Work?

The new open carry law in Texas says that is someone has a concealed handgun license, they can carry a weapon on their hip or on their shoulder. Anyone that decides to purchase a handgun should definitely get training on how to use the handgun. From safety training, how to keep the weapon locked up…
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What is my car accident settlement worth?

When we’re evaluating car wreck settlements, we look at several different factors. We look at medical damages, we look at pain and suffering, we look at whether or not our client is going to need ongoing medical treatment. We need to also look at the extent of the negligence exhibited by the other party. If…
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