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Personal injury covers a lot of different claims. It can be auto accidents, it can be employment accidents. It can be wrongful death situations. But really it’s if there’s any type of negligence on the part of a company or another person that’s caused an injury to someone else.

A lot of times, after an accident, sometimes the other driver’s insurance company will contact our client in order to try to settle the case before our client hires an attorney. And of course, they want to do that so that they’re talking with someone that’s not an attorney, doesn’t have legal experience and is ready to take a quick payment which is far less than what they’re entitled to.

When someone’s trying to choose a personal injury lawyer, they should definitely meet with the person to see if their personalities click. They should find out how long the person has been practicing. And they should know if the person is good in trial. Because if someone is not, the insurance companies know that. The settlement is going to be much less.