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What is online solicitation of a minor?

We have a lot of cases that are “online solicitation of a minor.” These involve local police agencies that get together and put fake advertisements in local media. This includes online, in the Houston back page, it can be in Craigslist or social media applications. They set up a profile where they are over 18 and they start communicating with someone. Eventually they change their age to be under… Read more

What to do after an auto accident

After an auto accident, if you’re hurt you should definitely go seek medical treatment. After that’s resolved, you should probably contact an attorney or have a family member contact an attorney as soon as possible. Because the 24 to 48 hour period after the accident, that’s the window of opportunity. And that’s the most critical time to make sure that you get witness statements, investigation, police… Read more

What is personal injury?

Personal injury covers a lot of different claims. It can be auto accidents, it can be employment accidents. It can be wrongful death situations. But really it’s if there’s any type of negligence on the part of a company or another person that’s caused an injury to someone else. A lot of times, after an accident, sometimes the other driver’s insurance company will contact our client in order to try… Read more

How to make and win a personal injury claim

If you want to file a claim for personal injury, your best bet is to go through an attorney. The attorney will know the right paperwork and documents that need to be filed. And know the right investigation that needs to be done, the right people to talk to, how to obtain medical records and how to deal with the insurance companies. So talking to an attorney, they’re going to be able to facilitate filing… Read more

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence is any type of violence between people that are in a dating relationship or in a marriage or a family relationship. There’s still a mistake in perception that if someone says, “I don’t want to press charges,” that the charges are going to get dropped. That used to be how it was a long time ago, but not anymore. A lot of times, they’ll start with a $50,000 bond if the person hasn’t… Read more

How Does the New Open Carry Law in Texas Work?

The new open carry law in Texas says that is someone has a concealed handgun license, they can carry a weapon on their hip or on their shoulder. Anyone that decides to purchase a handgun should definitely get training on how to use the handgun. From safety training, how to keep the weapon locked up in their house; how to keep the weapon locked up and away from children; where they can carry the weapon;… Read more

When can a person be charged with DWI in Texas?

People can be charged with a DWI if an officer thinks that the person has lost the normal use of their mental faculties or physical faculties. If the officer thinks that alcohol has caused the person any type of lapse in their judgment, or any type of loss in their motor skills. When people ask me if they should do a blood test or a breath test, for the most part, I would say that taking a breath… Read more

What is my car accident settlement worth?

When we're evaluating car wreck settlements, we look at several different factors. We look at medical damages, we look at pain and suffering, we look at whether or not our client is going to need ongoing medical treatment. We need to also look at the extent of the negligence exhibited by the other party. If it was severe negligence, just someone looking at their phone, for example, or if it was someone… Read more

What should I do if the police pull me over and search my car?

If you know that a police officer is trying to pull you over, you should immediately find the safest place you can to pull over. Make sure it is well lit and it is in a safe area. But you should definitely pull over and definitely comply with the officer's instructions. You don't necessarily have to let the officer search your vehicle. You can exercise your right and not give consent to let them search.… Read more

What are the penalties for marijuana possession in Texas?

Despite some other states and their laws that have legalized marijuana, in Texas marijuana is still illegal. You’re still going to get arrested. The most crucial and direct consequence of a marijuana conviction is a driver’s license suspension. If you’re over 21, it’s a six­ month suspension. If you’re under 21, it’s a year. If you’re driving under the influence of marijuana, it’s going to be the same… Read more
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