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Matt Horak is a Houston-based criminal defense attorney that focuses on defending those in the Houston area who have been accused of a crime and need help fighting the charges. As a former prosecutor, he knows what it takes to get criminal charges reduced or dropped and what process the prosecution needs to take to keep the trial fair. This unique insight into the opposition’s case can be a significant advantage to you in your case.

Being arrested for a crime in Sugar Land is a stressful situation that you don’t have to face alone. The helpful advice of a skilled and experienced attorney available for personal appointments in Sugar Land can make this process much easier for you.

You may have come to this website looking to determine your next course of action regarding your criminal charges in Sugar Land area. This is a great way to get basic information, but there is no substitute for personal interaction with someone who truly knows the law. If you’ve been arrested or accused of a crime, you should consider speaking with a Fort Bend County criminal lawyer to fully discuss the details of your case in-depth. Call or contact me today to schedule an evaluation with me and begin investigating the options in your case.

Sugar Land Criminal Lawyer

Criminal accusations come in all shapes and sizes, and so should your criminal defense representation. That’s why I specialize in a wide variety of criminal defense practices to suit your needs. Some of my major criminal defense practice areas include:

Following an arrest in Sugar Land, it’s best to exercise your Miranda Rights and avoid speaking with the authorities. As they say, anything you say can and will be used against you, so waiting to speak with an attorney before trying to argue your case is usually the best way to handle things. There is often limited time to secure evidence that will work for you, however, so be sure to act quickly if you have been arrested in the Sugar Land area.

Sugar Land Court and Legal Resources

Sugar Land Police Department

1200 Highway 6 South
Sugar Land, TX 77478
Telephone: (281) 275-2649

Sugar Land Municipal Court

1200 Highway 6 South
Sugar Land, TX 77478
Telephone: (281) 275-2560

Prominent Areas and Communities in and around Sugar Land

New Territory, Mayfield Park, Oyster Creek Estates, Lake Village, Belknap, Venetian Estates, Sugar Mill, Sugar Land Regional Airport, Meadow Lakes, Soldiers Field Court, Lake Pointe, The Highlands, First Colony, Telfair, Robinson Landing, Wilkins Crossing, Sanders Ridge, High Meadows, Summerhill, Point Royale, Clayton’s Bend, Morningside, Sugar Crossing, Arias, Stafford Oaks, Lexington Settlement, Lakeshore Park at Brightwater, Heritage Colony, Waters of Avalon, Williams Glen, Austin Meadows, Briarwood, Stratford Park Village, Shiloh Lake Estates, Skyview Farms

Horak Law | Sugar Land Criminal Attorney

If you’ve been accused of a crime in Sugar Land, make sure you take the right steps to avoid an unfair trial. The prosecution will do everything they can to prove their case, so you should do the same.

A Sugar Land criminal defense attorney can help you fight back in a way that helps you get the best results in your criminal trial. Contact me via phone, office visit, or online attorney contact form to schedule a case evaluation directly with me. Let me help you decide what you need to do to fight a conviction in your case.


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