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SR-22 Vehicle Insurance

After an individual has purchased liability insurance following a DWI conviction or traffic violation, the insurance company will file an SR 22 form with the Texas Department of Public Safety. Contrary to what the name suggests an SR 22 Insurance Certificate Form is not a type of insurance. It is a form which verifies that a person has liability insurance after a traffic violation.

Many people believe SR-22 and regular auto insurance carry several differences. However, that is not case. The only distinct difference between SR-22 and auto insurance is the cost. The minimum liability amounts for an SR-22 is much higher than regular automobile insurance.

An SR 22 form, or vehicle insurance, in essential in several situations. For example, drivers with a revoked license must file an SR-22 form if they want to have their license reinstated. An SR 22 form is required for those who would like to drive with an ignition interlock device following an DWI conviction.

SR-22 Vehicle Insurance Lawyer in Houston

If you have been charged with a DWI and you are required to file an SR-22 insurance form in Texas, contact Horak Law. Attorney Matt Horak has spent over 20 years building a reputation for his trial skills and fearless court demeanor. He knows how to protect you and develop the right strategies for success.

Horak Law represents clients in the greater Houston area, including communities in Montgomery County, Fort Bend County, Waller County, Liberty County, Harris County, Brazoria County, and Galveston County. Call us at (713) 225-8000 to receive a free and confidential consultation.

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What is SR-22 Vehicle Insurance?

An SR-22 vehicle insurance is also known as the Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate. In the state of Texas, it is required that a driver files an SR-22 if they have been convicted of driving under the influence (DWI) or driving on a suspended insurance. Individuals are also required to have an SR-22 if they have been issued several traffic violations or multiple unpaid tickets without insurance.

Texans who file an SR-22 are obligated to maintain it for two consecutive years starting from the date of the conviction. If they desire to have their license reinstated, they must file an insurance certificate to the Department of Public Safety (DPS). DPS will then require them to pay a $125 reinstatement fee unless the suspension was due to a DWI offense. If that is the case, the driver will be obligated to pay an additional $100 fee.

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Suspended Driver’s License in Texas

There are several reasons as to why a person’s driver’s license may be revoked or suspended in Texas. Some of the reasons include causing a car collision while uninsured or being arrested for driving under the influence. Failing to obey a traffic law while driving and failing to request a DUI DMV hearing are additional causes.

If the driver wishes to regain their license, they will have to obtain an SS-22 form. It’s important to note, however, that not all auto insurance providers offer SR-22 coverage. As stated previously, the primary purpose of this type of vehicle insurance is to notify the Department of Public Safety (DPS) that a driver has liability coverage.

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Non-Owner SR-22 Insurance

If a person is convicted for DWI, Texas courts may require them to obtain SR-22 insurance. However, the primary purpose of non-owner SR-22 insurance is to prove that they will be financially responsible if they cause an accident. For the most part, obtaining a non-owner SR-22 insurance is easy.

Obtaining a non-owner insurance is also more affordable in comparison to owner SR-22 insurance since there are fewer chances of operating a vehicle. An individual can essentially obtain SR-22 vehicle insurance without the necessity of owning a car. Texas Courts also require non-owner SR-22 insurance if a vehicle operator desires to reinstate their driver’s license.

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Failure to Keep SR-22 Vehicle Insurance in TX

If an individual’s SR-22 vehicle insurance is canceled, their insurance provider is required to report the termination to the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS). They will suspend the occupational license or reinstated driver’s license of the vehicle operator. In addition to these penalties, the driver will most likely have their automobile registration suspended.

A person who fails who keep SR-22 vehicle insurance may face several criminal offenses. These offenses include:

  • Driving Without Valid Insurance: According to Texas Transportation Code § 601.051, an in individual can be charged with this offense if they operate a motor vehicle that is not financially covered. A person convicted of driving without valid insurance can face a jail sentence of up to 90 days and be required to pay a fine of up to $500.
  • Driving While License Suspended: According to Texas Transportation Code § 521.457, a vehicle operator can be charged with this offense if they drive without a valid license. This also includes if they drive with a license that has been suspended. Driving with a license revoked is punishable by either a Class, B, or A misdemeanors, which can result in steep fines and a jail sentence.

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Texas Resources for SR-22 Vehicle Insurance

SR-22 Laws in Texas – Click this link to view Chapter 601 of the Texas Transportation Code, which is also cited as the Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act. The website lists penalties for failing to maintain car insurance and requirements to maintain automobile insurance. You’ll also be able to read about requirements to file an SR-22 after certain convictions and license suspension.

TxDPS: SR-22 Insurance – Click this link to view the Texas Department of Public Safety’s (TxDPS) information on the Form SR-22 Insurance Certificate. The website provides more information on insurance, driver’s license reinstatement requirements and more. TxDPS’ mission is to protect and serve Texas by preventing crime, maintaining public order, and providing secure licensing services.

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Houston SR-22 Vehicle Insurance Attorney

If you are confused about the requirements needed to file an SR-22 form, contact our experienced vehicle insurance attorneys at Horak Law. Attorney Matt Horak and his team are committed to protecting your rights. We will walk you through every step and work hard to obtain your driver’s license after a DWI offense.

Our criminal defense law firm has two convenient locations to serve you: Houston, TX and the Woodlands, TX. We also represent clients throughout the greater Harris County area and surrounding communities including Montgomery County, Fort Bend County, Galveston County, and Liberty County. Call (713) 225-8000 to obtain a free and confidential initial consultation.

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