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Client Review from Avvo:

I am forever indebted to Matt Horak. A few months ago I was charged with possession of marijuana (1 gram – 2 oz) by the Houston PD (I had one gram on me). This came at a very bad time for me as I am applying for my dream job within the coming months and stand a very good chance of attaining the job but also a good chance at ruining it all because of this incident I got myself into. From the beginning Matt was comforting and professional as he gathered all the information he needed. I was a nervous wreck but he talked me through what would be happening in the coming weeks to months and reassured me that everything would be ok. He gave me my options and guided me down the path that he thought would be best. Long story short, HE GOT THE CASE DISMISSED!! If you want someone who is a veteran in criminal defense, a consummate professional, and an all around good man who can get you the result you need, Matt Horak is your guy. I would choose him 100/100 times if I had to do it over again.



Client Review from Google:

I had an excellent experience from start to finish with Matt Horak. He kept me well informed about my case at all times. He reviewed all of my options with me and he took time to answer all of my questions. I really appreciated that Matt kept things as discreet as possible because my career was on the line. He was able to ease all of my fears and he successfully fought to have my case dismissed. I trusted him completely and could not have been more pleased with the results. I highly recommend Matt Horak.

C. Foley


Client Review from InsiderPages:

I was arrested for an assault charge last year. Matt was able to get my trial date postponed several times to allow time for things to settle. He was then able to get my charge dropped before I ever had to go to trial. He even got the lower level court to drop my P.I., which I was handed at the same time as the assault charge. The entire process took well over a year but Matt was able to keep both my family and me calm the entire time. Overall I was more than impressed with his professionalism and confidence. The fact that he is also an Iron Man only adds to his credibility!

Rob L.


Client Review from Avvo:

Mr. Horak, helped me on a case that was pinned against me for no reason. I was pinned with a “Prostitution” charge. I feared that I may be doing some time for something that I did not do. I am 22 and ambitious. The government needs more money and more guys locked up. I talked with many lawyers and Mr. Horak listened, gracefully. He pointed out many flaws in the case, during my consultation with him. I hired him and it was HISTORY! The cops/government could not find a piece of evidence to convict me. Mr. Horak got the case dismissed. I truly appreciate this man. Thanks Mr. Horak!



Client Review from Avvo:

I would recommend Matt Horak to anyone that asked. He is very intuitive and dedicated to his clients.I was charged with DUI and the case was taken to court. He obliterated the DA’s case and won my freedom for me. I thank God for Matt Horak, he is the best!!! All of my friends and family now know his name. I was a client from out of state and he made the whole process easy for me. GREAT MAN!

Criminal Defense Client


Client Review from Avvo:

After speaking with a couple of other ‘big-name’ lawyers around Houston, I chose Matt after a very strong initial consultation followed by a keen interest in my case. During the consultation, Matt was interested in hearing the whole story from my perspective (while taking diligent notes), and provided excellent, insightful feedback. Our initial consultation went much longer than I expected, but Matt never once tried to rush the process and spent a significant amount of time answering my legal questions. After hiring Matt, he was thorough in his research and building a case. On my first court date I didn’t expect much to happen – as we were prepared for the long haul. However, after spending some time with the DA with his prepared arguments, the DA agreed to drop my class B misdemeanor immediately. Almost as quickly, Matt took care of my class A misdemeanor with the agreement that I would “stay out of trouble” for 90 days. In the end I had one terrible night in jail (when arrested), 1 dismissed charge, and 1 charge deferred and sealed. Thanks to Matt, that one night in jail is now ‘life experience’ instead of a nasty scar on my record. Three years after hiring Matt I learned truly how important this case was, as I would not have been able to take the same career path with a conviction.

Criminal Defense Client


Client Review from Avvo:

I suddenly got caught up in a Federal case and I was very nervous who to trust. At my first meeting with Matt I already felt I could talk to him. He listened and took thorough notes. I always felt he was on my side. He kept me updated and understood my frustration. He is very professional and when my sentencing day came I felt he had my back completely. I will refer my friends and family to him if they ever need legal represenation.



Client Review from Avvo:

First and foremost i would like to thank Matt for getting my DWI dropped. I found Matt online and decided to use him to defend my DWI case due to the feedback I read. Matt was extremely responsive which i was very pleased about. Every time i had a concern i would contact him and he would practically respond immediately. Matt handled everything and kept me informed of where i needed to be and when. I was very pleased with Matt and would use him again although I pray i dont have to.



Client Review from InsiderPages:

A few months ago while I sitting in court with my daughter I saw Mr. Horak Questioning this cop about why he stopped his client. He was drilling him pretty good and the cop seemed kind of lost for answers. I was pretty impressed by what I saw of him, but at the time I’d already hired an attorney, When I saw him in the hallway I asked him for a card hoping not to have to use it. Well after a few resets my daughter received deferred adjudication for a P.O.M. charge. About a week and a half later she was arrested again for a theft. I called Mr. Matt Horak because I remembered how aggressive he was a few months prior to this new charge. Well me fearing the worst for my daughter I called on him and he represented my daughter. The outcome was way better than I or my daughter’s mother expected. He was able to get her deferred adjudication on both charges to run concurrent, with NO bail set, and also no fine. Mr. Horak is a life saver and we HIGHLY recommend him for any criminal case. Thanx again Mr. Horak, we are FOREVER GRATEFUL.

Andrew F.


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