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Articles and Blog Posts From 2017

Client Testimonial | Houston Criminal & DWI Defense

In this video, we hear from one of Matt's clients who was accused of family assault violence. Read more

What is Premises Liability Law?

Premises Liability Law governs property owners and businesses to make sure that they keep their premises at their business or property safe for the public. They need to make sure that there’s no obvious danger on the property. They also need to make sure that there’s no previously reported incidents that they haven’t taken care of, and so if a property owner knows that they haven’t done something that… Read more

Client Testimonial | Online Solicitation

"Before I was arrested, I was doing sales for over ten years. Six figure job, expense account, car -- your typical perks of sales. And, that all went away in an instant..."  Read more

What is Product Liability Law?

Product liability law covers companies or people that manufacture, design, and test products that are put out in the market for the public. They have to make sure that these items are safe, whether it’s for consumption, whether it’s a tool, whether it’s any type of product that’s used in a household or in a business. They need to make sure that the public is not going to be harmed by a product that… Read more

What does Product Liability Cover?

Product liability covers the rules that companies, manufacturers, designers have to follow whenever they decide that they want to put a product out into public space. They have to make sure that it’s designed well, that it’s manufactured with the right products, and that it’s tested so that people don’t get hurt. That can be anywhere from toys, to drugs, to food, to cars, to tires, anything that could… Read more

What to do if I'm Accused of Sexual Assault

Our office receives a tremendous amount of calls for sexual assault cases, and normally we want to get involved in that type of charge and that type of allegation as soon as possible. The DA’s office is very aggressive in prosecuting these cases. Most of the time the mistakes happen at the very beginning of the case and it’s usually when officers try to convince someone that they’re just trying to… Read more

How Long to Settle a Personal Injury Case?

There are several issues that determine how long it takes to resolve a lawsuit. Generally speaking, it depends on the amount of investigation that needs to be done in order to get the best outcome possible. So if we have to start with interviewing witnesses, or getting police reports, or accident reports, we get that as quickly as possible so we can see exactly who we need to talk to, and what we need… Read more

What is a Wrongful Death Claim?

  A wrongful death claim is a suit that’s brought by certain surviving family members for someone that’s deceased. These family members can be parents. They can be children, and they can also be a surviving spouse. And the damages that we’re looking for here are economic damages that that person was providing for their family, and it can also be loss of consortium, or love support, and it can… Read more

How Long to File a Claim After an Auto Accident

After an auto crash in Texas, there is a two year statute of limitations someone has before they must file a claim. Naturally, we would like to talk with a person as soon as possible after an accident so we can start investigating it. We do not wait until right before the statute of limitations is going to run out before deciding to file a claim or start investigating. The evidence is going to be much… Read more

How to Claim Pain and Suffering from an Auto Accident

One common question that we get is how do we calculate pain and suffering damages. Normally what we do is have a multiplier take medical bills, medical damages, economic damages, and we put these figures together & add them up. We might multiply it by two we may multiply it by three. That is just determined by the extent of the damages, whether they are really severe damages that are going to require… Read more
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